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2015 IRCOBI - Creation of pre-crash simulations in global traffic accident scenarios based on the iGLAD database

Abstract: Due to the globalized development of vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in combination with the large variety of traffic situations all over the world, there is an increasing need of evaluating the effectiveness of ADAS on the basis of international real traffic data. This can be done with the help of so-called pre-crash matrices (PCM), which describe the vehicle dynamics in a defined time before the collision. After the publication of the first IGLAD data (1.550 accidents) a study was done dealing with the creation of pre-crash simulations out of international accidents. For the first time the benefit of an ADAS can be evaluated prospectively in the wide variety of global traffic accident scenario. This paper provides an overview of the challenges that come with merging data from different investigation areas. The main focus will be on the methodology to derive PCM from this international database. This also includes the definition of minimum requirements to enable the simulation of the vehicle behavior in the pre-crash phase. Furthermore, methods were developed how to deal with unknown data with regard to the different data quality and quantity. Finally the paper shows the unique possibility to analyze active safety systems from a global point of view by implementing and assessing an exemplary ADAS for different global traffic accident scenarios.

With the work done within the study, especially with the definition of minimum requirements and the developed methods, it is possible to create pre-crash simulations not only for upcoming iGLAD releases but also for other international accident databases.

Keywords active safety, global traffic scenario, in-depth accident data, pre-crash phase, vehicle dynamics



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