Practical training at VUFO in Dresden offers insights into accident investigation

A period of practical training is nowadays regarded as an important way of gaining practical work experience for one’s future career. VUFO offers students and other interested individuals various types of practical training in Dresden in order to gain an insight into research and work in the sphere of accident investigation.

Practical training


The following forms of practical training are on offer:

  • Practical placement prior to writing a diploma thesis: Students graduating with the qualification “Diplom” can acquaint themselves with the theme while preparing to write their diploma thesis. In addition, this period of practical training involves a short introduction to the procedures and approaches used in accident scene investigation.

  • Compulsory practical training placement for students: A practical training placement at VUFO in the field of data analysis or reconstruction/simulation usually lasts one semester and provides an insight into the everyday work of accident investigators.

  • Voluntary practical training placement for students: Students who are interested in accident investigation but are not required to undertake a practical training placement can do a practical training placement at VUFO Dresden at any time.

  • During all types of practical training the trainee should take part at least once in the on-scene investigation of an accident, since this is the basis of all VUFO’s work.

Interested in this offer?

If you are interested in undertaking a practical training placement, please contact us for further information and to request an appointment.

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