21.09.2017 07:32 Age: 1 Jahr(e)
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By: Katja Bathow-Wels

2. IEEE 5G Summit Dresden

On 19.09.2017 the 2. IEEE 5G Summit Dresden organized by the CDE / ITG and the IEEE took place in Dresden. Co-organizer was among others the 5G Lab GmbH from Dresden. The holistic approach of a system architecture with worldwide standards for 5G was the focus here, whereby the topics et al. networks, wireless, edge clouds, or silicon devices. Also Prof. Dr. Hannawald (CFO of the VUFO) gave a lecture on the topic "On the way to safe and autonomous driving - how can 5G help to achieve this goal".

The one-day event was attended by industry leaders, innovation drivers and researchers, who were able to exchange ideas about 5G after the lectures. As Hannes Ametsreiter (Vodafone boss of Germany) is already in 2 years the 5G mobile radio format no more dreams of the future.

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