31.01.2019 17:05 Age: 2 Jahr(e)
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Seminar: "Reading data from the error memories and information about the Event Data Recorder (EDR)"

Due to a constant demand, a basic seminar was offered in cooperation with Dr.-Ing. Heinz Burg (http://www.ibb-forensic.de/index.php/de/) on the topic "Reading data from the error memories and information on EDR". This took place from 24.02.2018-25.02.2018 at the Sheraton Hotel in Frankfurt.

Most of the participants were IbB Forensic partners. Within this association there are very well trained experts for accident reconstruction.

During the seminar, contents were imparted which are essential for reading out electronic data and the subsequent handling of them.

The conference programme was composed as follows:

  • Why does it make sense to read out the fault memory data?
  • Fundamentals of vehicle communication and bus systems
  • Representation of the currently used readout device incl. a comprehensive operating manual
  • three practical examples of the fault memory with regard to data volume, data interpretation, data probing, influence of tuning and special features to be considered
  • Instructions for professional measurement of voltage, current and resistance on the vehicle
  • Presentation about EDR and CDR with current information and examples
  • supplementary information on the interpretation of data
  • Examples of accident reconstructions supplemented by electronic data (EDR and fault memory)

The content of the seminar was very well received by the participants. A group of experts was then formed, which is now continuously exchanging information on the electronic data found in vehicles involved in accidents. Since the use of electronic data in accident analysis is constantly increasing, a repetition of the seminar is planned.

For further information, please contact our employee Ms Diana Hamelow, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) (diana.hamelow@vufo.de).