09.11.2018 15:31 Age: 2 Jahr(e)
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MATLAB expo 2018

MATLAB EXPO focused on future-oriented technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Maintenance, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Physical Modeling and Virtual Prototypes.Mr. Florian Spitzhüttl (Leader of Research & Development, VUFO) gave a lecture on "Applications in Traffic Accident Research to improve Vehicle Safety".The presentation is available as Pdf-file: www.matlabexpo.com/de/2018/proceedings/applications-in-road-accident-research-to-improve-vehicle-safety.pdf  

The lecture itself can also be viewed as a video at the following link: https://de.mathworks.com/videos/applications-in-road-accident-research-to-improve-vehicle-safety-1532349867133.external-udp.html?type=shadow&shadow_version=lightbox