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German Traffic Court Conference

Opening Ceremony oft the German Traffic Court Conference in the Kaiserpfalz Imperial Palace

Traffic experts from politics, justice, science and the police exchanged views on current discussion topics at the German Traffic Court Conference in Goslar also in this year. The Traffic accident research institute was represented by Dipl.-Ing. Uli Uhlenhof, head of the accident data investigation. Mr. Uhlenhof discussed with other experts in Working Group VI recommendations to the Federal Government for the avoidance of risks from truck and bus accidents. The discussions in the working group focused particularly on the prevention of truck and bus accidents by means of emergency brake assistants or turn off assistants for monitoring the blind spot area next to the commercial vehicle. The working group recommended that the introduction of emergency brake assistants, which stop reliably at the end of the traffic jam, should be made mandatory. Furthermore, the participants of the working group expressed among other things their approval, that turn off assistants have to be part of the standard equipment of heavy commercial vehicles and buses in the future.

In addition to the program events of the German Traffic Court Conference, Mr. Uhlenhof also used the opportunity to exchange experiences with representatives of the police, the experts and the interior ministries.

To the recommendations of the Working Groups: https://www.deutscher-verkehrsgerichtstag.de/