19.02.2019 11:00 Age: 1 Jahr(e)
Category: Standard-News, Sticky-News

Release PCM v5.0 format specifications

We are happy to release the specifications of the well-known and frequently used PCM format (e.g. in the GIDAS-PCM database) as version v5.0 in a more general and clearer way than before. It shall be applicable for any accident or scenario database and publicly accessible:


Beside a more intuitive structure, the new possibilities include:

  • three dimensional dynamics and environment
  • implementation of arbitrary shapes for vehicles and other road users
  • implementation of traffic signs
  • GPS localization as a reference to map data
  • storing several simulation runs / variations
  • usage of pre-built libraries and definition of your own ones

Also in future PCM will be a “living format” and will evolve in cooperation with its users and partners. To get more information about the PCM format like “What is PCM?” as well as an example case see  here or contact pcm(at)vufo.de.