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Category: Graduierungen

Graduation thesis

Topic: Study on cyclist behaviour in urban road traffic

An important part of accident research is the determination of the causes of accidents. In addition to the causes of accidents relevant to criminal law, the GIDAS project also collects more in-depth data on accident origins. In addition to technical aspects, medical-psychological aspects and characteristics influencing the environment are also taken into account.

With increasing urbanisation and environmental awareness, the use of bicycles is becoming increasingly important. This effect is also reflected in accidents.

In this thesis, the movement behaviour of cyclists in urban areas will be investigated and analysed. This investigation should provide clues for future accident reconstructions of the behaviour of cyclists.

The task comprises the following main points:

  • Investigation of the own driving behaviour with the bicycle by means of helmet camera recording
  • Survey of the driving behaviour of other cyclists by means of recording of the helmet camera
  • Analysis and evaluation of the recorded data
  • Classification of results according to meaningful characteristics/categories (e.g. person, estimated age, bicycle type, road conditions,...)
  • Evaluation of the results, outlook
  • Preparation of a comprehensive scientific documentation (bound and digital)

If you are interested please send your application documents to bewerbung@vufo.de.