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Category: Graduierungen

Graduation Thesis

Topic: Investigation of abnormalities of accident acculmulations from the GIDAS survey, their causes and avoidability possibilities in road traffic

An important part of accident research is the determination of the causes of accidents. In addition to the causes of accidents relevant to criminal law, the GIDAS project also collects more in-depth data on accident origins. In addition to technical aspects, medical-psychological aspects and characteristics influencing the environment are also taken into account.

In this work, conspicuous accident sites are to be found and examined from the point of view of accident reconstruction. Simple ways of improving road safety at these locations are to be developed.

The task comprises the following focal points:

  • Investigation of the GIDAS accident survey with regard to conspicuous accident sites (e.g. on the basis of accident accumulations) in the Dresden urban area.
  • Development of a meaningful categorisation of the selected traffic accidents
  • Reconstruction analysis and assessment of the cause of categorised traffic accidents taking into account technical, human, traffic-related and structural aspects
  • Development of minimally invasive, traffic-related and structural changes to improve the traffic situation and the associated accident avoidance of certain traffic accidents
  • Evaluation of the results, outlook
  • Preparation of a comprehensive scientific documentation (bound and digital)
  • Presentation of results

This investigation does not constitute an analysis of accident black spots or accident frequency sites (routes) in the classical traffic-technical sense according to §§44 VwV to the StVO.

If you are interested, please send your application documents to bewerbung@vufo.de.