18.11.2019 10:53 Age: 1 Jahr(e)
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2019 ADAC Symposium

Injury forecasting models for optimizing the preclinical rescue

In serious traffic accidents, it is often difficult to quickly record all injuries and weight them according to the urgency of the treatment. On the one hand there is the problem that the patient is not always immediately accessible, on the other hand slight superficial injuries can mask serious internal injuries in their conspicuousness.

In order to further reduce the number of road accident fatalities, optimized procedures in the area of rescue and emergency care are necessary. The methodology presented here can serve as a basis for optimising the entire rescue chain in the event of serious car accidents. In a multivariate regression analysis, probability functions were calculated for AIS 3+ injuries, taking into account various aspects (e.g. age, use of seat belts).

The result is a software tool that predicts severe injuries to car occupants based on calculated injury probabilities.