Diagnostic Tool

A diagnostic tool for the early diagnosis of accident injuries

In the case of injuries sustained in an accident, every second counts. There is usually no time for detailed investigation of the accident, since many injuries can be life-threatening and quick action by the emergency services is essential.

The Diagnosetool software system used by VUFO is helpful in such cases because it can give advance diagnostic recommendations and indicate possible injuries. In this way, the attention of the rescue team can be pointed in good time to possible serious injuries among those involved in the accident. This diagnostic tool provides assistance with decision-making in respect of the rescue resources required, initial treatment, transport and the most appropriate hospital.

The Diagnosetool software system functions as follows: on the basis of the estimated EES (Energy Equivalent Speed), the impact side, seat belt status and the age and gender of the patients, along with statistical analyses of existing accident data in the GIDAS database, it is possible to calculate probabilities for the occurrence of certain injuries.