Optimum data collection and analysis using VUFO software

The use of appropriate software significantly facilitates many aspects of accident research, such as the recording of accidents, the storage of data for later analysis and data processing. VUFO’s software is based on many years of experience, with the result that it is suitable for all relevant applications. The development of the software is carried out in collaboration with Trans4mation IT GmbH, with whom UNIDATO and GIDAS Browser have already been implemented. Find out more about our software products:


The VUFO diagnostic software system Diagnosetool assists ambulance crews at the scene of the accident without the need for thorough examination of the patients. On the basis of existing accident data in a database, the diagnostic software system can provide the emergency services with decision guidance regarding the necessary rescue resources, immediate treatment and transportation, thus speeding up the rescue process.


UNIDATO is a software system for data management and data processing which can be used for various studies, surveys and case documentations. This software can be used not only for accident analysis and research but also for social and market research projects and by general research centres.

GIDAS Browser

The GIDAS Browser is a software system for user-friendly data evaluation and database analysis and has therefore been used by VUFO for some time now. It is a read-only version of the data collection software system UNIDATO and permits the evaluation and analysis of all the data sets in the GIDAS database as well as the user’s own recorded cases.