Data management and data processing with UNIDATO

UNIDATO is a software system for large-scale data processing, data management and the administration of collected data. For the preparation of surveys, the desired input interface and the required database structures and codebooks can be generated quickly and dynamically. This makes UNIDATO a universal application for every conceivable kind of study, survey and case documentation.


As data collection software, the program has a wide range of input support and other auxiliary and additional functions. In this way, data can easily be collected and analysed. For further processing, the data can then be exported into standardised formats for programs such as MS Word or MS Access.

Since the software can easily be adapted to all desired specifications, UNIDATO is suitable for a wide variety of applications, not only for accident analysis and research but also for social and market research as well as for research centres and academic institutions in general.

The data collection software UNIDATO was developed by the Dresden-based company Trans4mation IT GmbH, which also developed the GIDAS Browser and DefDesc.