Accident research since 1999

Since July 1999, we have been recording and analysing around 1,000 traffic accidents involving personal injury in the greater Dresden area every year. For each accident, we document an average of more than 3,000 pieces of information, which are stored in a structured database and later scientifically analysed. In addition, each traffic accident surveyed is reconstructed by experienced engineers. The interdisciplinary data collected as part of the GIDAS project serve the participating vehicle manufacturers and suppliers as a source of ideas and database for the conception, development, optimisation and subsequent field observation of new active and passive vehicle safety systems as well as functions of assisted, networked and automated driving. In addition, the knowledge gained from GIDAS analyses is incorporated into legislation, regulatory development and consumer protection tests. In addition, a wide range of questions can be answered in the fields of emergency medicine/rescue, infrastructure/traffic system design and traffic psychology.

As a research institution and engineering service provider, VUFO cooperates with the automotive industry, public authorities, ministries, research institutions, test and consumer protection organisations as well as associations and trade associations within the framework of national and international projects. Our work makes a decisive contribution to promoting safety innovations, reducing the number of accidents and injuries and reducing human suffering and economic costs.

In addition, we offer seminars and advanced training events in which we communicate our expertise in the areas of accident assessment, reconstruction, data analysis and simulation to interested parties. We also contribute our expertise to the Master's programme "Vehicle Safety and Accident Research" at the Dresden International University (DIU) and support local universities in the training of students.

Research & Development

VUFO is both a research institute and a development service provider. In addition to the field of vehicle development, VUFO is also active in the spheres of traffic psychology and software development.



As an educational institution VUFO offers numerous training and professional development courses. These include a variety of certificate courses and a master’s degree programme.



In collaboration with Trans4mation IT GmbH, VUFO has developed software that is suitable for the collection, analysis and processing of data relating to accidents. Find out more about tools such as Unidato, Gidas-Browser and DefDesc.



Since 1999 VUFO has been engaged in road traffic accident research in and around Dresden. Through the continuous work of VUFO, the research institute makes a significant contribution to the safety of road traffic.



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2019 Praxiskonferenz Heckaufprall - "HWS - Distorsion"

Die Praxiskonferenz Heckaufprall von carhs richtet sich in erster Linie an

provided on: 18.12.2019


2019 ASAM International Conference - "Traffic and accident scenarios merged in the harmonized PCM v5 standard"

2019 fand zum vierten Mal die ASAM International Conference in Dresden

provided on: 18.12.2019


2019 MathWorks Automotive Conference

Auf der diesjährigen MathWorks Automotive Conference (MAC) in Stuttgart

provided on: 18.12.2019



New dates for basic courses in accident reconstruction 2021


Here you will find more detailed information about the courses.[more]

Visit of accident researchers from Kosovo


On 28 November 2019, Institute for Traffic Accident Research at the University of Technology Dresden (VUFO) proceeded an intensive exchange of experience with colleagues from the Kosovar Tempulli College of Applied Technical...[more]

VDInis - Curious visit to accident research!


Interested VDInis ( were guests at the traffic accident research institut. On 29.11. the Kid's could visit the investigation cars of the VUFO, look at a crash vehicle and ask many questions about the...[more]

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