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2007 crash.tech - Relevance of head injuries in side collisions in Germany - Comparison with the analyses and proposals of the WG 13

According to the White-book of the European commission, the number of fatalities in Europe
has to be reduced by 50% until 2010 in comparison to the year 2000. For Germany this
means a reduction of fatalities from 7503 down to 3751. This is the reason for different
research institutes and committees to investigate all types of traffic accidents.
The Working Group 13 of the European Enhanced Vehicle Safety Committee therefore
investigates in detail side impacts in vehicle crashes. The analysis is mainly based on real
world accident data from NHTSA, LAB, TRL and BASt.
This paper analyse the used datasets, their representativeness and the main results in
comparison to the current dataset of GIDAS and the federal traffic accident statistics of
One of the main results of this study is that the proposed test measures are not able to
provide the aspired benefit in German real accident scenarios. One reason identified is, that
the used datasets are highly different to real life accidents in Germany, regarding injury
mechanism as well as injury severity.



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