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2008 ESAR - Simulation of real pre crash accident scenarios using German In-Depth Accident Study (GIDAS)

The focus of the technical innovation in the automobile industry is currently changing to sensor based safety
systems, which are operating in the pre-crash phase of an accident. To get more information about this pre-crash phase for
real accidents a simulation of this phase using the GIDAS database is done.
The basics for this simulation are geometrical information about the accident location and the exact accident data out of the
GIDAS database. This aggregated information gives the possibility to simulate an exact motion for every accident
participant, using MATLAB / SIMULINK, in the pre-crash phase. After the simulation the information about the geometrical
positions, the velocities and maneuvers of the drivers to an individual TTC (time to collision) are available. With those
results it is possible to develop new useful sensor geometries using pre-crash scatter plots or estimate the efficiency of
implemented active safety systems in combination with sensor characteristics.
This simulation can be done for every reconstructed accident included in the GIDAS database, so these results can represent a
wide spread basis for the further development of active safety systems and sensor geometries and characteristics.

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