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2010 ESAR - Method for the estimation of the deformation frequency of passenger cars with the German In-Depth Accident Study (GIDAS)

This study that was funded by the Research Association for Automotive Technology (FAT) develops a method
for the evaluation of the placement of tanks or batteries by using the deformation frequencies in real-world accidents.
Therefore, the deformations of more than 20.000 passenger cars in the GIDAS database are analysed. For each vehicle a
contour of deformation is calculated and the deformed areas of the vehicles are transferred in a rangy matrix of deformation.
Thereby, the vehicle is divided into more than 190.000 cells. Afterwards, all single matrices of deformation are summarized
for each cell which allows representative analyses of the deformation frequencies of accidents with passenger cars in
On the basis of these deformation frequencies it is possible to determine least deformed areas of all passenger cars.
Furthermore, intended placements of tanks or batteries can be estimated in an early stage of development. Therefore, all
vehicles with deformations in the intended tank areas can be analysed individually. Considering numerous parameters out of
the GIDAS database (e.g. collision speed, kind of accident, overlap, collision partner etc.) the occurring forces can be
calculated or the deformation frequency can be estimated. Furthermore, it is possible to consider the influence of primary and
secondary safety systems on the deformation behaviour. The analysis of “worst case accident events” is an additional
application of the calculated matrix of deformation frequency.

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