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2010 ESAR - Benefit estimation of measures concerning the Euro NCAP pedestrian rating and other secondary safety systems on the basis of real-world pedestrian accidents

The paper presents a methodology for the benefit estimation of several secondary safety systems for pedestrians,
using the exceptional data depth of GIDAS. A total of 667 frontal pedestrian accidents up to 40kph and more than 500
AIS2+ injuries have been considered. In addition to the severity, affected body region, exact impact point on the vehicle, and
the causing part of every injury, the related Euro NCAP test zone was determined.
One results of the study is a detailed impact distribution for AIS2+ injuries across the vehicle front. It can be stated, how
often a test zone or vehicle part is hit by pedestrians in frontal accidents and which role the ground impact plays. Basing on
that, different secondary safety measures can be evaluated by an injury shift method concerning their real world effectiveness.
As an example, measures concerning the Euro NCAP pedestrian rating tests have been evaluated. It was analysed which Euro
NCAP test zones are the most effective ones. In addition, real test results have been evaluated. Using the presented methodology,
other secondary safety like the active bonnet (pop-up bonnet) or a pedestrian airbag measures can be evaluated.

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