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Forward collisions are still the most relevant
scenarios in the German accident situation with
personal damage. Therefore forward-looking safety
systems have a high potential to reduce the number
of casualties or to mitigate their injury severity.
To assess the benefit of these forward-looking
safety systems, a new benefit assessment method
will be presented in this paper. The method uses
real accidents out of the GIDAS. Additionally to
the collision speed of the vehicle and other impact
parameters, all accidents in GIDAS are
reconstructed regarding the movement of all
participants in the last seconds prior to the impact.
This movement is used to simulate the accident
initiation phase with and without the influences of
forward-looking safety systems. Subsequent to this
simulations the differences with and without safety
system could be compared case by case. The results
could be converted into different absolute measures
like reduction of fatalities or severely injured
pedestrians, using injury severity functions.
The results of this study are different correlations,
depending on the system functionality, between the
reduced impact speed due to braking prior to the
crash and the assessed mitigation on injury
severity. The results of the single case simulation
could be summarized to access the overall benefit
of these systems in the whole accident scenario.
With this method it is possible to assess the
expected benefit of future safety systems or equally
suitable to evidence the benefit of current safety
systems on the market.
The papers show the detailed procedure of the
method and some examples of usage the results.



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