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2008 ESAR - Severe Injuries in Passenger Cars - Development of a Software Tool for Emergency Diagnostics

In Germany averagely two million traffic accidents happen each year and emergency medical services are called to more than
400 000 patients. Even though this number is decreasing continuously (due to improvements in the fields of vehicle safety,
road construction, and accident prevention) every case is yet a challenge for the rescuers and requires improvements in
emergency medicine as well. Especially during diagnostics right at the accident scene, there are only limited instruments
available to gain the necessary knowledge of the injuries suffered, to come to essential decisions about treatment or transport.
To provide an additional diagnostic aid by scouting and estimating the situation, a software-tool calculating the likeliness of
the most frequent severe injuries (AIS 3-6) of front occupants in passenger cars has been developed to deliver this necessary
information about particular accident scenarios. To achieve this, logistic likelihood functions have been calculated in a
multivariate regression analysis analysing all AIS 3+ injuries in the GIDAS database of the years 1999-2006 that happened
more than four times.

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