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2009 ESV - Simulation of real crashes as a method for estimating the potential benefits of advanced safety technologies

Since secondary safety systems have been
implemented in modern cars successfully, the
development of primary safety systems becomes
more and more important. That causes the necessity
of useful methods to estimate the benefit of these
advanced safety systems. In this paper a new
method for the benefit estimation of advanced
safety systems by simulating real world crashes is
The bases of this simulation are real world crashes
out of the GIDAS (German In-Depth Accident
Study) database, including reconstruction data,
accident sketches and safety systems specifications.
The result of this method is a comparison between
the simulated real accident scenario and the
predicted accident scenario using a virtual
prototype of the safety system. Using this
comparison it is possible to estimate the benefit for
the single case as well as the global benefit for all
cases. The simulation will be done with a car
dynamic simulation program. Therefore,
interactions between sensor systems, brakes and
steering controls can be considered.
Furthermore, it is also possible to simulate crash
involved cars with more than one safety system.
The benefit will be estimated regarding accident
avoidance and/or accident mitigation based on all
available cases in GIDAS.
Another possibility of such a simulation is to find
out potentials of the further development of
advanced safety systems or to develop new
activating strategies by checking up parameters like
yaw-angle, lateral acceleration or steering wheel
This paper explains a method for the estimation of
potential benefits of primary safety systems and
exemplified results.
The paper offers the possibility of a dynamic
simulation of real world accident initiations with
and without virtual safety systems. The results
provide detailed information about useful
combinations of advanced safety systems.



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