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2010 crash.tech - Objective classification of front-end struc-tures on the basis of impact-related geome-tric measures in frontal pedestrian accidents

The enormous diversity of passenger car models on the market and the conquest of always new niches lead to a variety of most different vehicle front-end-structures. As a result, it becomes more and more difficult to categorize them clearly. Thus, most existing groupings such as the IHRA or APROSYS classifications base on graphical methods (visual allocation of models with similar size and shape) and hence often rely on subjective appraisal. Equally diverging is the way manufacturers allocate models of their own or other brands to the different segments.
In account of that, this study develops a method to objectively classify vehicle models accord-ing to their front-end-structure. Therefore, all available models involved in frontal pedestrian accidents in the GIDAS database are measured and categorized by a statistical algorithm.

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